David Pinto was born in Peso da Régua on the 18th of February 1992. Currently he is attending the  master degree of Fashion Design at the University of Beira Interior.
In 2011 he was one of the ten finalists of Gilette Venus Design Award, by June 2012 he saw some of his illustrations published in the magazine "Happy Woman". 
In 2012, 2013 and 2014 he was part of the organization of the Expand Your Mind movement and participated by showcasing his collections at the event. The designer and blogger has collaborated with designers and stylists in national fashion editorials for online magazines  including Bless Magazine ,Magnetic Magazine and DeepArt.
David is interested in photography, illustration and fashion creation.
In September 2013 he took part in an internship in Holand for the brand "Elementum" by the fashion designer Daniela Pais.
In 2014, David Pinto was one of the finalists of the Acrobatic competition and won third prize in the contest of young creators "Portuguese Fashion News". In the same year he presented his masters collection entitled "(Turn) Stone" at the Lisbon Design Show, and represented his university at the event "Fashion Five".
The blog was created in 2011, and has been a project developed over the years, working as a platform for the dissemination of his own work, and at the same time a way of keeping in touch with the artistic world and what it’s all about  i.e fashion, music and design.